Grow the Movement


Grow the Movement


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Grow is looking to see what Jesus has done, who he has brought to his table and where there is momentum as we go into the next stage of our ministry plans.

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All Grow the Movement Resources

The Hero resource was developed specifically for Black Student Ministry and engages the social identity of black people and its contrast/comparison to our true identity given by God. Available in booklet or digital format.
Communal planting is an inclusive, interdependent posture of planting that replaces the predominant individual narrative (one person reaching out to an individual/group) with a new communal invitation through three major components: contributing our gifts, discerning our communal call, and hosting belonging.
Do you wonder how Jesus might speak into your unique South Asian cultural experience? This seven-week discipleship series, created by South Asian InterVarsity staff for South Asian College students, will challenge you to take bold new risks, go deep and encounter the God of your people.
In this post-pandemic season as we recovery on some fronts but also continued hardship and strife, these five studies (from both the Old and New Testaments) help root us in God’s faithfulness to his people who throughout history have endured trial, hardship, famine, persecution, and plagues.

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