New Student Outreach

Plan Your Three Phases of NSO

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New Student Outreach (NSO) is a unique season taking place during the beginning of the school year. It’s a time where students (Christians and non-Christians, grads and undergrads) are open to saying yes to new things.

And their most profound need is finding their place on campus within a community where they feel welcome and seen.

The core of NSO is all about following Jesus’ example of hospitality in warmly welcoming new people to campus and into your fellowship.

Plan your NSO through these three phases:

  1. Prepare Together
  2. Engage the Campus
  3. Grow the Movement
Six students smiling and walking towards camera in a college university plaza with trees in the background.
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Prepare Together


The Prepare phase is about seeking Jesus for where he’s at work and how we can join him in spiritual preparation and planning.

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Engage the Campus


In the Engage phase, we’ve heard from Jesus and now we are doing the work of welcoming students to his table on new corners and campuses.

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Grow the Movement


The Grow phase is looking to see what Jesus has done, who he has brought to his table and where there is momentum as we go into the next stage of our ministry plans.


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