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Finding it difficult to write a Bible study from scratch? Studying the Bible is such an important way to encounter God together as a small group, but it can take a lot of time, effort, or expertise to create content for your small group by yourself. These ready-made Bible studies are designed to help you!

All of these guides include Bible passages, discussion questions, and more. What’s more: they also work for both in-person and online use. 

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Outreach Bible Studies

Engaging skeptics, seekers, and Christians

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Accelerated  Resources

These resources have been tested and approved by InterVarsity’s National Strategy & Innovation team for campus ministry. See all Bible Studies.

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Want to Grow in Leadership?

We have tools to help you grow in your leadership and help your small group thrive.

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This 5-week God-Investigation Group (GIG) series includes compelling illustrations, guided discussion, and application questions. Each study also has an accompanying leader's guide with community building suggestions, questions for going deeper, and other leadership insights.
This 4-week God-Investigation Group (GIG) series explores Jesus bringing justice to our world. This Bible study and invitation to faith is designed for skeptics and seekers. Jesus has a word of hope for students engaging in racial justice.
Our non-Christian friends don’t need us to have all the answers, but they do need us to be real with them. This 4-week God-Investigation Group (GIG) series allows us to explore Jesus and be more real about our needs with one another.
This 2-week God-Investigation Group (GIG) series is designed to disciple students into conversations that will transform the campus as students encounter God and learn to share the Gospel through their ethnic stories. It includes Scripture study, reflection activities, and an opportunity to respond to Jesus.
What does Jesus have to do with justice? This 7-week series traces the theme of justice from the Old Testament to the New Testament, offering a biblical basis for justice as an attribute of God’s character and central to God’s mission in the world. This foundational series will propel participants towards a life-long pursuit of justice that is grounded in Jesus.
Want real community? This 7-week Bible study series unpacks what it means to be a flourishing community. Jesus is all about creating the kind of community that goes beyond just being known—how we live and love each other will change the world around us.
Do you want to engage students with the gospel through race and ethnicity? This 4-week series is designed to disciple students into conversations that will transform the campus as students encounter God and learn to share the gospel through their ethnic stories. Integrating evangelism, discipleship, and reconciliation, the Beyond Colorblind Small Group Series will equip students to articulate how God is redeeming what is broken and highlighting what is beautiful both in their ethnic journey and in the world.