Self-Care Outreach Collection

Self-Care Found Through Jesus

Engage students and faculty with the timely topic of self-care with this collection of resources including a proxe station, Insta-proxe, Bible studies, and more.

Created with this current generation in mind, these resources will equip your ministries to offer Jesus’ hope-filled message of rest, joy, and peace.


What is a Proxe?

A proxe is a set of large, interactive visual displays meant to start spiritual conversations on campus (with passers-by, both strangers and friends). The term proxe is a made-up word that we use for interactive art displays that lead to the Gospel.

Graphic of one female in two states: left side is before self-care with a frown and a book on her head with a lightning rain cloud above. On the right is her smiling with stars around her hair.

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This resource takes some of the timely messages of the Self Care Outreach Proxe and translates them for Instagram. Empower your community to share Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy and peace with our Instagram story package, full leaders notes, and other resources.
Our campuses are desperate for self-care. This four-session series will invite your community - Christians and seekers alike - to explore their level of self-care (body, soul, relationships), and consider Jesus’ invitation for true rest, joy, and peace found in him.
A collection of interactive visual displays that are designed to spark spiritual conversations on the important topic of self-care and offer Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy, and peace. Included you’ll find full instructions, leaders guide, and training on how to set up and lead this proxe.