Self-Care Outreach Insta-Proxe (online)

graphic of people in a lawn doing stretching and yoga - two are on a mat and one in a wheelchair

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This resource takes some of the timely messages of the Self Care Outreach Proxe* and translates them for Instagram. Empower your community to share Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy and peace with our Instagram story package, full leaders notes, and other resources.

Screenshot of a gallery of Instagram story posts using the Self-Care proxe

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*A proxe is a set of large, interactive visual displays meant to start spiritual conversations on campus (with passers-by, both strangers and friends). The term proxe is a made-up word that we use for interactive art displays that lead to the Gospel. In the last year, we’ve created Insta-Proxes, which brings these fun spiritual conversations online.
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Jamie Ladipo serves as the Associate National Director of Evangelism. She first got involved with InterVarsity at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA where she decided to follow Jesus. After graduation she moved to Kansas to begin planting InterVarsity in the state. She now lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband Paul and son Toby.