Self-Care Outreach Proxe (in-person)

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This resource is part of the Self-Care Outreach Collection.

Spark Self-Care Spiritual Conversations

Students are being told to prioritize their self-care. Our bodies, our souls, and our relationships are all gifts from God. We are all invited to trust God with all of these important parts of our lives. This outreach campaign will help you reach students both on campus and online with this good news.  

The self-care proxe* (in-person) is a collection of interactive visual displays that are designed to spark spiritual conversations on the important topic of self-care and offer Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy, and peace. Included you’ll find full instructions, a leader's guide, and training on how to set up and lead this proxe.

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What does it look like on campus?

Self-Care Proxe Promo from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.


Self-Care Proxe Script (in-person)

Attention Grabber

“Hi, I'm [insert name] with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Come and vote on our self-care campaign!”


Panel 1

Panel 1: before self care and after self care

What do you like about this picture?


Panel 2

Panel 2: what part of self-care have you prioritized?

What part of self-care have you prioritized this week? How?

(Share what part you have been prioritizing)


Panel 3

Panel 3: what part of self-care have you struggled with?

What part of self-care have you struggled with this week? How?

(Share your struggles with self care)

We're InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and we think Jesus has an awesome take on self-care, check out this quote.


Panel 4

Panel 4: Matthew 11:28-30

We believe that our bodies, our relationships, and our souls are all gifts from God. Please read this out loud?

What’s your favorite part of this quote?

What I love about this quote is Jesus’ promise to help us live freely and lightly. Walking with Jesus is a sustainable life, not just burn out and recovery.

Let’s check out how we can take Jesus up on this awesome offer.


Panel 5

Panel 5: How interested are you in walking with Jesus?

(Read the panel out loud to them.)

Scale of 1-10 “How interested are you in walking with Jesus?”


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View All Proxe Panel Images PDF

View Self-Care Proxe Script PDF

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*A proxe is a set of large, interactive visual displays meant to start spiritual conversations on campus (with passers-by, both strangers and friends). The term proxe is a made-up word that we use for interactive art displays that lead to the Gospel. In the last year, we’ve created Insta-Proxes, which brings these fun spiritual conversations online.
Learn more about running a proxe station.



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Jamie Ladipo serves as the Associate National Director of Evangelism. She first got involved with InterVarsity at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA where she decided to follow Jesus. After graduation she moved to Kansas to begin planting InterVarsity in the state. She now lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband Paul and son Toby.