International Student Ministry

Developing and Sending Global Disciples and Leaders

Welcome to InterVarsity International Student Ministry (ISM)!  We’re delighted that you are interested in international students and scholars.  Our desire is to befriend, develop and send internationals from every nation to every nation.  It’s a great privilege to have the nations on our campuses, not only to welcome and share, but to shape our US American students too.  Below you will find key resources to help you get started. Learn more about ISM here.

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a group of international students from different nations sitting together and smiling for the camera
Peace Feasts are helping groups across the country grow witnessing relationships with Muslims. Instead of a formal dialogue with guest lecturers and little interaction, Peace Feasts are about heart-level dialogue: Muslims and Christians get together in small groups, share a meal and discuss faith and life.
There are Muslim international students on your campus but, while they may be curious, most will not show up at a typical InterVarsity or ministry event. We need to go to them. But it’s very easy to get started. Walking up and introducing yourself is one of the best ways to make a new friend. This resource will teach you how!