Established Chapter Template

Prepare Together

A 5-part guided series where you and your community will learn to respond to the Holy Spirit’s presence and power. In each session, you will learn about an anchor concept of God’s presence, and you will have a chance to experience the Holy Spirit together as a group.
Before we plan barbecues and welcome tables to meet new students & faculty, we have a great opportunity to spiritually prepare for New Student Outreach. This guide will help as you gather your ministry partners to pray for your campuses.
Smash that like button! To reach a new generation of students, we have to meet them where they are, online. But, it is hard to know how to invest your outreach hours online! We will help you focus on the activities that will help you meet and create relationships with students on Instagram.

Engage the Campus

When we meet new students, we don’t just want to recruit them to join our club, we want to help them encounter Jesus and empower them into their network of relationships on campus! The Call to Mission Bible study can help you do just that. This short Bible study on Matthew 9:35-38 can help you and other interested students discern God's invitation and think through your connections on campus.
One of the key first moves for New Student Outreach is creating space to help returning students re-center on our purpose on campus, re-establish our community, spiritually prepare to welcome new people and do some practical training. This template is ready for you to use, or feel free to customize and edit it as you find helpful!
A collection of interactive visual displays that are designed to spark spiritual conversations on the important topic of self-care and offer Jesus’ invitation of rest, joy, and peace. Included you’ll find full instructions, leaders guide, and training on how to set up and lead this proxe.

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