Engage the Campus


Engage the Campus


NSO phase 2: Engage the Campus blue icon. A dining table with plates and spoons.


In the Engage phase, we’ve heard from Jesus and now we are doing the work of welcoming students to his table on new corners and campuses.

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Well then, look no further! The “Life of Moses” Bible study series was created to help students and staff take the plenary teaching from LaFe13: Mi Gente, back to campus to share with their friends. “Life of Moses” will provide you with the first eight weeks of teaching to help your LaFe ministry become outward-focused from the very start.
The Beyond Colorblind Proxe Station is designed as a catalyst for conversations around the Gospel through students' ethnic stories. Follow the link below to find everything you could need for training, promotion, set-up, and follow-up.

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