Grow the Movement Planning Worksheet

Grow the Movement Planning Worksheet


Discern the needs of the community and plan for growth

Over the course of a semester, the needs of a community can change significantly! Assessing the current reality can reveal opportunities to serve students and keep the momentum going.

Maybe you have a growing small group and it would be a strategic move to launch people out to start a couple more.

Maybe you’ve got several students who are taking risks to lead and reach their friends and it would be a good move to start a core team.

Maybe your community needs a solid foundation of encounter with Jesus and you want to start a daily prayer meeting.

The Grow the Movement Planning Worksheet can help you discern what to do next!

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Eric Rafferty serves as InterVarsity’s Associate National Program Director for Chapter Planting. He loves helping students start new things!  Eric and his family live in Omaha, Nebraska.