Refresh Small Group Series - Week 3



 Refresh Small Group Series

Week 3: John 13:4-14

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Read John 13:4-14 (First Nations Version)

Jesus the Servant Leader

4 Knowing all of this, during the meal Creator Sets Free (Jesus) got up from the table, took off his outer garments, and wrapped a cloth around himself like a sash. 5 He poured water into a vessel and, one by one, he began to wash the feet of his followers and dry them with the cloth. [This was a task reserved for only the lowest servant of the household.]




6 He came to Stands On the Rock (Peter), who said to him, “Wisdomkeeper, are you going to wash my feet?” 7 “You do not understand now what I am doing, but later you will,” he answered. 8 “No!” Stands On the Rock (Peter) lifted his voice, “This can never be!” 

Creator Sets Free (Jesus) looked deep into his eyes and said, “If you refuse this, then you have no part in who I am.”  9 “Wisdomkeeper,” he answered back, “if this is so, then wash my hands and head also!” 10 Creator Set Free (Jesus) replied, “If you have already had a bath, only your feet need washing, and then you will be clean all over. Now, you are all clean. Except for one.” 

11 He said this because he knew who would betray him. After he had finished washing all their feet, 12 he put his outer garment back on and sat down again at the table. “Do you see what I have done?” he said to them. 13 “You are right to call me Wisdomkeeper and Chief–because I am. 14 If I, your Wisdomkeeper and Chief, have washed your feet, then you should wash each others’ feet. 15 So follow my footsteps and do for each other what I have done for you. 


Discuss Together



  1. What do you like about Jesus in this passage?
  2. What is going on for Peter? Why does Peter refuse to let Jesus wash his feet in v.8? Why might it be uncomfortable to have Jesus kneel in front of you and wash your feet?
  3. Peter was very real with Jesus in this passage. What good comes from Peter’s vulnerability? 
  4. After Jesus washes their feet, he calls them to serve others sacrificially. How do you feel about “washing other people’s feet?”

Take a Next Step



Please try both of these spiritual practices together in your group: 



How are we like Peter? When are we stubborn with Jesus and God? Peter wants to follow Jesus on his terms. Jesus will have none of it. Jesus’ way, or not at all. 

We don’t like asking for or accepting help. We hate feeling needy or burdensome.

Jesus invites us to be vulnerable with him. What are your real questions? It takes courage to ask honest questions and set aside our stubbornness. Let’s schedule a time right now to talk more.


In the video, Jesus gives us living water, and we get to do the same for others. In this passage, the disciples similarly receive from Jesus and then are asked to do the same for others. Let’s do this on campus.  What act of sacrificial service would you like to do together? Pick one that you will do together this week: 

Serving together on campus: 

  • Pick up trays at the dining hall that have been left for the staff to clean up.
  • Group grocery shopping trip  

Serving together out in the community:

  • Serve together in a soup kitchen
  • Clean up a park or trail


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