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A Note To Students 

God is sending you on a mission with a calling to start something new on your campus!

Both in Spirit and in heart, the Black Campus Ministries (BCM) Staff and Volunteers are honored to come alongside you. What might God want to do on campus? Who will God shape you to be? With you, we enter into God’s dream for you and your campus.  God’s Word has always been alive, allowing those who enter into it to experience the powerful epic of the gospel that has been at work since the beginning of time.


In particular, this study of the life of Moses has always resonated with the Black community:

  • In his lifetime, we see Moses ostracized in the place he was born and among his own people.

  • We also see Moses deal with a bicultural background that informs his leadership and self-worth.

  • Moreover, Moses waivers in and out of trust in God as he deals with internal and external threats.

But the call on his life does not change. God uses Moses’ strengths and weaknesses to do something special in the world. We recognize that the Black community is diverse and our story is complex, but, we wonder what God might want to say to us as African Nationals, African Americans, Caribbean Americans, biracial and multiracial Black, and Afro Latinos. What are the internal and external threats God wants to engage with, challenge, mercy, discipline, and love?  


We are excited for you to explore this with Jesus.

We, the BCM community, pray that you and your community see more of God in this study. We pray that your faith would expand further than your imagination can stretch and that the gospel and the sacredness of your part in it would be known to you. As you look at the life of Moses, be encouraged brothers and sisters; God is truly using faith like yours to overcome.  


To God be All the Glory,  

Bradford Everett  

National Associate Director 

InterVarsity BCM


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Brad is the Regional Director for InterVarsity’s Southeast Region and the Associate National Director for Black Campus Ministries (BCM). 

Jazzy Johnson, a proud Native Texan and adopted Chicagoan, is an experienced Educator who specializes in curating and facilitating transformative spaces for learning and listening in the area of social justice. 
A graduate of Northwestern University, Jazzy directed InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Chicago Urban Program for six years, where she led immersive learning experiences for college students and equipped them with holistic practices for living sustained, prophetic lifestyles on their campuses and in their communities. 
She currently serves as a Resource Specialist for InterVarsity’s Black Campus Ministries Department (BCM). 

Kristy Garza Robinson, a third-generation Mexican American from South Texas, is cofounder of 58, a ministry created to help resource the church and other organizations that desire systemic and racial justice. She previously worked in campus ministry with Cru's Destino and InterVarsity's LaFe.