Ground Zero: Building Extraordinary Black Leaders (Updated)

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Ground Zero: Building Extraordinary Black Leaders (Updated)

Ground Zero is a Bible study resource tailored to help plant and grow Black Campus Ministries on your campus. Whether starting with no members or a few, this resource helps prepare participants spiritually and emotionally, while working towards developing a core team ready to respond in mission. 

This study will help your community dig into discipleship areas helpful for leading in a BCM space. They’ll be encouraged to consider the mission field as the Lord’s, but also spend time working on their own hearts.  

The authors designed this curriculum to work in sequence. It is also proven to be most effective when participants make a commitment to complete all the Bible Studies in the series.

What's new: This new release of Ground Zero 2.0 is shorter and aims to engage diverse types of Black students by providing opportunities for deeper communal application and response. Participants will have opportunities to study scripture together, commune with one another, serve together, and respond through activities such as story telling, discussions, and network mapping. 

Coming soon: The updated participants guide is in progress. Links to BCM branded participant scriptures, study questions, and handouts will be available for download late Fall 2023.


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Chelir Mule is the Associate Director of Student Development of Black Campus Ministry for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

InterVarsity's Black Campus Ministries (BCM) is committed to reaching black students and faculty at majority institutions and historically black colleges/universities nationwide, ministering to the unique needs of the community and laboring to develop extraordinary Black Christian leaders and world changers. 

Through our growing campus ministries, involvement in global and urban missions, through our pursuit of God in our fields of study and research, we hope to see the name of Christ spread and exalted among the these young people who will become the next leaders of our communities and beyond.

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