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Does academic research make a difference in the real world? Can faith and theology inform our research in other academic disciplines?

Join co-hosts Jeff Liou and Emily Hill for conversations that bring research to life, explore why we love what we study, and how it hits the ground in tangible ways.

Each episode features discussions with theologians and academics from different disciplines discussing their life, faith, research, and how we can engage them around important issues in our culture today.  

The Theology & podcast is a project of InterVarsity’s Theological Formation team and is sponsored by InterVarsity’s Faculty Ministry and the Emerging Scholar’s Network.

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Jeff Ming Liou is the National Director of Theological Formation for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. He is also an adjunct assistant professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA, where he received his Ph.D. in Theology and Culture.  Liou has written papers and contributed book chapters on race and justice, Asian American Christianity, theological ethics, and political theology. Ordained in the Christian Reformed Church of North America, Liou has served as a campus minister, pastor, and university chaplain. 

Emily Beth Hill has a Ph.D. in Theological Ethics from the University of Aberdeen and is the author of Marketing & Christian Proclamation in Theological Perspective. Her research interests include economics, church marketing, and how cultural systems affect our life and worship. She currently serves as the Program Manager for Theological Formation at InterVarsity.