Cascading Plan Templates (New Student Outreach 2022)

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New Student Outreach 2022 Cascading Plans


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Build a Delicious Sundae Together

RD’s, AD’s, CSM’s and student leaders can collaborate fruitfully on discerning vision for New Student Outreach (NSO). As you have conversations up and down the line you might discover that your plans have complete overlap with your vision and goals. Or you may make a sundae of a variety of flavors that coordinate well together. Both are fantastic!


Start Building My Plan

Who begins the planning process? You can decide. In some regions, the RD begins the planning process first. In other regions, it is just the opposite. The goal of cascading plans is to have important conversations all the way up and down the line.

View Student Leader Plan Template

View Campus Staff Plan Template

View Area Director Plan Template

View Regional Director Plan Template

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Example Campus Plan

These are sample, base-level plans for each type of NSO plan, to give you a practical example of what yours could look like. The 1-Scoop plan is about loving your neighbor, while the 2-Scoop is about reaching your broader campus.

View Sample 1-Scoop Plan View Sample 2-Scoop Plan


Example Regional Plan

This is sample, base-level plan for a region, to help you get a practical picture of what yours could look like.

View Sample Regional Plan


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