We’re Saving You A Seat Instagram Posts

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We’re Saving You A Seat Instagram Posts 

If we checked out your ministry’s Instagram feed, what would we find? If your feed is anything like mine, we’d likely see something like this (choose all that apply 😂) ...  


A) announcements/invitations piling one after another,  

B) months and months with no content at all,   

C) boom-sauce content material that took hours and hours to create.  


You need a shortcut. Pre-made content that works. Content that will make a great first impression. Content that will encourage your community. Content that saves you time.  

That’s why we’ve created and curated this bank of fresh Instagram content.   

What’s inside?  

12 unique pieces of content specifically tied to our NSO theme, “We’re Saving You a Seat.”  Use the posts as is, or substitute your own pictures, you choose.  


Using Canva Templates:  

  1. On the homepage, use the search bar to look for the design type or size that you want to create. 
  2. Click on it from the results. 
  3. Scroll through the available templates. 
  4. To preview one, hover your mouse over it and click the  that appears. Select Preview this template
  5. To use the template, select Customize this template. You’ll then be taken to the editor. 

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