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NSO Bingo

Bingo is fun! It doesn’t matter where you start. Pick a few of these squares that are most interesting to you. Eventually, you will try to get a “black out” of your entire card by using each square as you prepare for New Student Outreach. 

“When I first went through this, I picked the NSO Calendar because I like having a plan and feeling prepared. Then I picked Fun because my chapter enjoys the balance of having good plans and having fun in community. Third, I picked Bible Study because it’s the core element that our ministry revolves around.” -Kennedy, rising senior Occidental College  

Use this with your core or leader team. Have fun with it! 

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Note for Staff 

We want to help you plan NSO with unstaffed chapters. Give this to your core team or student leaders before you talk with them. We believe that every unstaffed chapter can create an appropriately sized NSO plan for their context. Some chapters forget to count the cost of good follow-up. By the time their NSO activities are over, they’re exhausted, and very little follow-up happens. Others don’t have a culture of creating intentional plans. Please help these chapters find how to best invest energy into creating a decent plan, being hospitable, and saving new students a seat in all they do.    

“I met with six core members of a small unstaffed chapter. I started with the student videos in the NSO Prayer Guide in order to cast vision for why we do outreach. They had never heard of NSO before. Then I took them through the Communal Prayer Wall exercise to make outreach real for them at their campus. As they created their prayer wall and interceded for the people on their list, God opened their eyes and hearts to the possibilities on their campus. They grew a sense of ownership of their mission field, and they returned to the Prayer Wall the very next week.” -Jamie, coach 



What is New Student Outreach (NSO)? 

NSO is a special season. During the first month of the school year, students are much more open to saying yes to new things.  Some would say this is the most open month of their lives. InterVarsity can be an inclusive community of friends following Jesus together and can welcome Christians and non-Christians at the same time. 

When is the best time to begin using this? 

You can start using this any time during the spring and summer as you plan for NSO. We recommend giving yourself at least three weeks before the start of the school year, so you can make plans and request space for your events on campus.  

Why these nine boxes? 

We want to help you create a strong NSO plan that’s manageable for you. It’s important to balance meeting new people and serving the core group of returners. Feel free to add more boxes that are important in your context. We consider these nine as fundamental building blocks of a good plan.  

Is there a right order to go through this? 

Not at all. Have fun with it. Start with what’s motivating for you personally.  

What happens if we leave one out of our plan? 

The world goes on. NSO will prevail. Jesus is still on the throne! 

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Jamie Ladipo serves as the Associate National Director of Evangelism. She first got involved with InterVarsity at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA where she decided to follow Jesus. After graduation she moved to Kansas to begin planting InterVarsity in the state. She now lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband Paul and son Toby.