New Student Outreach 2022

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What is New Student Outreach?

New Student Outreach (NSO) is InterVarsity’s concerted effort to reach freshmen and other new students on campus at the start of the school year. It’s a key season of ministry to kick off the year with intention and hospitality.

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Why do New Student Outreach?

More than anything, freshmen want to make friends when they arrive. When we surveyed 2022 incoming freshmen, all of them said that their biggest fear about starting college was not finding community and a place to belong. That’s why they need you to save them a seat — to welcome them, reduce their anxiety, get to know them, and help them get to know Jesus.

“I’m really nervous about making friends in college. Most of my friends I’ve known since elementary school, but in college, I won’t know anyone. I want to make friends and feel at home.”

Incoming Freshman in Wisconsin

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Save Someone a Seat!

We know that the beginning of the school year has always had the most potential for lifechanging ministry moments. It’s when new students are the most open than any other time in their lives to say yes to new things and to say yes to Jesus. You can save them a seat!

“When I was a freshman, I was new in my faith, and I was searching for community. I was anxious, and finding community was intimidating. A stranger saw this, invited me over, and pulled up a chair.

Kennedy, Senior and InterVarsity Student Leader
at Occidental College

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How to Plan Your NSO

The first step to planning for NSO on your campus is to prepare your heart. Gather your team for a prayer meeting to seek God’s heart for your campus. The next step is to make a plan. Why plans? We believe that an intentional plan to host new students is an indispensable part of being hospitable. But we think that every InterVarsity chapter in the country can create a prayerful and right-sized plan for your context. We would like to help. Follow our step-by-step process to create a strong plan. Click the button below.

Refresh Proxe

Resource Your NSO with Refresh

The Evangelism Department and Native InterVarsity partnered together to create the Refresh tools and Proxe for you to use for NSO this year! Refresh features a Native gospel allegory, displaying the brokenness of our world and Creator's restoration of all things. It resonates with students’ desire to care for the environment and engage with a fresh perspective of the Good News of Jesus. From a pocket Proxe, to merch like stickers and t-shirts, to a video, click the button below for everything you need to do a Refresh campaign on your campus!