Mixed Latina/o Stories

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Mixed Latina/o Stories

Two InterVarsity Latina/o staff share their Mixed, multiethnic stories in these two short videos. Watch the videos and then use the reflection questions to see how God might be speaking to you. 


Reflection Questions 

  1. What parts of Domenic’s story resonate with you? If you’re Mixed, does his story seem familiar? If you are a monoethnic ally, what insight into the Mixed experience does this give you? 

  2. What are the joyful parts of Domenic’s story? Where are the areas of grief? 

  3. In Melody’s ethnic identity journey, what stands out to you? For Mixed people, do you identify with the “roller coaster” she mentions? For monoethnic allies, how can you pray for Mixed folks who are walking this road? 

  4. Melody mentions that her identity has changed over time. In some ways, that has been internal, and in other ways external. How do we see ourselves as Mixed folks who present differently to different people? For monoethnic allies, how can you really see and be blessed by the Mixed people around you? 

  5. Some Mixed folks prefer to identify as Latina/o, and some prefer Latinx. Others identify with their country of origin. What do you prefer, and why? How does being Mixed affect how you identify? 


Take some time to praise God for your unique Mixed story and recognize that your own story can be an encouragement to others. 

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Chandra Crane is the National Coordinator for Mixed Ministry. She is a multiethnic/multicultural/transracial adoptee: ethnically Thai and white with white and Black cultural roots. Growing up in the Southwest and now happily transplanted to the Deep South, she is passionate about diversity and family. She spent fifteen years on campus with Graduate & Faculty Ministries and enjoys reading, napping, and cheerfully defying stereotypes. Chandra is married to a delightfully nerdy civil engineer and mom to two spunky daughters.