“Here for You” Bible studies in Luke

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As you're looking to build a deeper biblical community on campus this year, use the "Here for You" Bible Study series to help! These three Bible studies in Luke are designed to take your group through setting a table of hospitality centered on Jesus (Luke 5.27-31), learning to worship Jesus as Lord (Luke 7:36-50), and responding with acts of justice to Jesus’ kingdom (Luke 19:1-10).


The goals of this 3-week small group are:

  1. Participants will experience the living God.
  2. Participants will experience the sweetness and safety of a Christian community where they are seen and heard by God and each other.
  3. At week 3 (or as the Holy Spirit leads), participants will be invited to:
  • Make an adult decision to follow Jesus if they have not already done so.
  • Join an InterVarsity small group on their campus or in their geographical area.
  • Start a small group on their campus with their relational networks, especially if their campus does not have an InterVarsity chapter.


If this sounds exciting, then dive in!

“Here for You” Bible Study #1 - Luke 5:27-31

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“Here for You” Bible Study #2 - Luke 7:36-50

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“Here for You” Bible Study #3 - Luke 19:1-10

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Leader's Guide

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