Coaching The Five Thresholds

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Coaching The Five Thresholds


Helping Others on The Journey to Faith

Since 2008, we have been helping thousands of friends explore the process of faith together. Many people think Jesus is cool, but faith seems abstract and unreachable. We will break this process down into 5 understandable stages, and give you practical advice for how to help your friends move through each "threshold."

In this resource you will find:

  • Our top resources to bring The Five Thresholds to your campus
  • Coaching materials to help you (a training presentation, cheat sheet, and course)


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Let's Get Started

Growing in Trust Building


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Need a refresher on the Five Thresholds? Follow along with our video series as we break the process down into 5 simple stages, with practical advice for how to move through each one.

The Five Thresholds Overview



Bring it to Campus

How to use the 5T in your ministry


Pray for your non-Christian Friends

This Prayer Card PDF will help you name the friends that God has put on your heart and begin to pray for them.

Praying into the Mission

Exploring Faith Quiz

This handheld version of the Faith Journey Quiz is a great way to start spiritual conversations on campus.

Faith Journey Quiz

Evangelistic Bible Studies

This 5 week Bible study series will help your friends encounter God in the step they are on. Each study has artistic interpretations of each passage, as well as a few simple discussion questions

GIGs for the Five Thresholds



FOR STAFF - Equip your campus in the 5 Thresholds



5 Thresholds Training Presentation

Use this one-hour training presentation to train your chapter, leaders, church, or staff team in the 5 Thresholds.

Download the PPT



5 Thresholds Course

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This 45-minute course will teach you about how good questions fuel the process of evangelism. Learn the two gears of question asking, safe and brave, and how to engage different types of people and contexts.

Coming Soon!

Coaching Cheat Sheet

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This Cheat Sheet PDF will show you common barriers and obstacles to helping someone progress in the thresholds. Use it to get un-stuck and keep moving your friend along.

Download PDF


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